My Wish
For My Community

Our Story

The idea to create a platform for service to our community and cultivating student leaders
and our community came from a large blanket drive ran by the founder,
Molly Budhiraja, a high school student.

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My Opinion

The idea to create a platform for community service came when founder, Molly Budhiraja, collected warm clothing and blankets for two individuals experiencing homelessness in Phoenix. While it was very difficult to watch the innumerable persons in- need outside the shelter home, Molly experienced comfort in knowing that she made a small difference in some people’s lives. She realized that there is a huge need for support and service, therefore, developed an app called “Mywish for my community” that received congressional recognition and an award, from Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, during the Congressional App Challenge, 2021. Molly invited her peers to participate with her and make a difference in the community, one wish at a time.

Make a Difference

My Wish for My Community is here to take away this struggle whilst creating youth leaders in our community who are ready to take initiative and make a difference.

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